Draft Python-Dev Wishlist/Do-Not-Want-List

Python-Ideas is a pretty free-form place, and a lot of the best ideas in Python make their public debut there. Unfortunately a lot of terrible ideas make their debut there too, and at times the signal-to-noise ratio gets pretty bad. Therefore, to help idea contributors and core devs alike get the most out of their time on Python-Ideas, we've compiled a list of each Python developer's most-requested and most-detested proposals.

If you're an idea contributor (or potential idea contributor), please look over this list before posting. It will help you to understand how similar proposals have been received in the past, find developers who might be interested in championing your change, and avoid proposing previously rejected ideas. In other words, it will help you to maximize your chances of making a positive contribution to Python and the Python community as a whole.

It's also a great place to look if you want to help Python and aren't sure how. There are plenty of great ideas that go unexplored due to a lack of time or expertise rather than interest, and by implementing them you're helping the Python community better understand possible future directions for the language, the standard library, and the wider Python ecosystem. New contributors are encouraged to read the devguide for more information on how to contribute to Python.

Most Wanted

By rough consensus, these are the top three features the core dev group would most like to see implemented:

Least Wanted

These are the top three candidates for the prestigious title of "most annoying feature request" among Python's core dev group. Contributors are strongly encouraged to avoid proposing or implementing these ideas.

Developers' Wishlists

Guido van Rossum









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