Some use cases of the 'develop' command

The 'develop' command is used to pseudo-install a project source without copying any files, which is a useful feature of setuptools and will be implemented for packaging.

However, different people may have different purposes and will use 'develop' in a very different way, so even though we argued a lot in the mailing list but have not yet reach an extensive consensus on how the future 'develop' of packaging should behave.

Thus this page is created just to collect different use cases being talked about in our fellowship list, which will be taken as an important idea base to implement an elegant solution that work for all at the most extent.

Note: These use cases are not complete and people can help me enhance. Question should be addressed in Issue 8668.

The develop command writes three pieces of information to the filesystem:

  1. It calls upon the build action(s) to build the package within the package's root directory.
  2. It calls the [build|install]_distinfo action to write the .dist-info metadata inside the build directory. (see also Issue 12279)

  3. It adds the build directory's path to a .pth file.

Use Case 1 (from Carl)

Story Description: Carl has a foobar project which contains a 'foobar' directory that is referenced in his setup.{py,cfg} as the a package to be installed. He also has additional Python packages alongside 'foobar' (e.g. a 'tests' directory), which he does not want installed.

|-- foobar
|   |--
|   |--
|   `--
|-- setup.cfg
`-- tests

Type: Feature request


Use Case 2 (from Tarek)

Story Description: Tarek wants to install a project in-place with 'develop' command. Because he does not have root access to the system, therefore lacks write access to the global site-packages directory. He would also like the package to be installed for no one but himself.

Type: Unknown


Use Case 3 (from Tarek)

Story Description:

Tarek has a foobar project and he is in its project source tree, then he runs 'develop' in it. In addition, the virtualenv has not yet installed and he doesn't want to install it at that time.

What he wants:

Use Case 4 (from Carl)

Story Description: One has a private VPS that hosts a number of Mercurial repositories. In addition, he has some custom plugins and hooks that need to run for all users of the server. These plugins and hooks are frequently updated.

What he wants:

Use Case 5 (from Doug)

Story Description: There is a python development team and his application cann't work in a virtualenv for a variety of reasons.

What he wants:

Use Case 6 (from Doug)

Story Description: One is working on a foobar project and he has opened a python intepreter(we call it INTPT-A).

What he wants:

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