David Goodger's Python.org Home Page Candidate Plan

Home Page

I think the home page should contain as little static text as possible, and should be as small as possible. The "News and Announcements" section should be visible without scrolling.

Remove all current subheads from "Python for the web... and data" to "Python is friendly... and easy to learn" inclusive (put these on secondary pages, on the ABOUT page, or under "Applications" section & "About -> Benefits").

Change the page title to "Python Programming Language -- Official Website". With "The Official Python Programming Language Website", the all-important word "Python" disappears too quickly from browser tabs.

Left sidebar:

  • navigation menu
  • Quick links (not "quicklinks"). "Cheese Shop" is confusing to those not in the know; perhaps "Cheese Shop (Python Projects)" or "Python Projects ('Cheese Shop')"?


  • One-paragraph intro, but remove the "What is Python?" header
  • Add a prominent "More About Python" link after the paragraph.
  • Under "Try Python Today!" header: prominent Download, Get Started, Documentation links/buttons/icons
  • News & Announcements

Right sidebar:

  • A Quote (static? randomly changed? manually changed? how often?)
  • Success Story excerpt or photo, with a "continued..." link
  • "Using Python For..."
  • "Written in Python"

ABOUT section

Change order:


One item & page per major application area (i.e. "Using Python For..." items from the home page)

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