11 August 2008: Guido van Rossum mentions (on a the PSF private mailing list) via IRC #python/presence/42088545 this formulation:

Top 10 Python FAQ

  1. Why is Python a dynamic language and also a strongly typed language?

  2. Which IDE is good for Python?

  3. Any good Python book?

  4. Can I get a job with python?

  5. Why separate sections by indentation instead of by brackets or 'end'?

  6. Which GUI is best for python?

  7. Why is Python slower than the xxx language?

  8. How to start learning Python? Any suggestions?

  9. Is there any tiny project or source for participation or reference?

  10. How to make exe on Windows (run without Python preinstalled)?


Notice that earlier times produced other faqs, and it's likely Python will survive long enough to merit still other ones in the future.

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