Our IRC channel can be found at #python-gsoc on irc.freenode.net

IRC ("Internet Relay Chat") is a popular way for open source developers to communicate in real-time. A channel is basically a party line chat for people interested in a given topic.

There are some great resources at http://irchelp.org/ if you need help finding a client or learning how to use IRC. We highly recommend you get a dedicated IRC client because most people find it easier when they have things like logs and pop ups telling them when someone uses their name. But you can also just try it out from the web using freenode's webchat client here: #python-gsoc

Please note that Python has a Community Code of Conduct and mentors and students working with the PSF are asked to abide by it as members of the Python community.

Do plan to stay for a while if you want answers on IRC: Our mentors generally have day-jobs and are not always paying attention to IRC. Please ask questions directly on channel (you don't need to introduce yourself or say hi first) and please be patient while waiting for an answer. You could wind up waiting an hour or much longer for answers if all the mentors are in meetings at work or otherwise occupied. If you can't stay that long, stay as long as you can and then send email to the mailing list instead so mentors have some way to reach you.

If you want to get a particular person's attention in IRC, use their nickname in the channel: many people have IRC chat clients that will ping them if their name is mentioned.

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