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Email: <TerriOda AT gmail DOT com>

IRC: terri on

I am Python's SummerOfCode 2013-current coordinator and a developer of GNU Mailman / Postorius

I'm pretty busy during the summer, so emails directly to me are less likely to get answered than those sent to the list where other mentors can help out with information. See below for which list to email and when:

GSoC Students

For most questions regarding GSoC projects, you should be asking the developers for that specific project.

There is a list of projects here:

Each one has a mailing list and sometimes an IRC channel associated with it. That is where you should be introducing yourself and asking questions.

If you are not sure who to contact for any reason, you should be asking on the soc general mailing list. You can subscribe to this here:

You can also make use of our irc channel #python-gsoc on Freenode. Do be aware that mentors can be busy/asleep, so you may have to be patient! You can always send an email to the mailing list if you don't have time to stay on IRC.

The only time students should contact Terri personally rather than using the mailing list or talking to your mentors is if you have a problem with your mentor or other question that you need to keep private.

GSoC Mentors

If you are subscribed to the mentors' mailing list already, ask there (we have lots of experienced mentors who can help you out!).

If you're not subscribed yet but would like to be, or have a question that you want to keep more private (e.g. about a troublesome student), email me directly.


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