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Some ideas about the aims of this wiki:

What I would like to use this Wiki for is for comparisons between Python packages. Most areas seem to have multiple solutions. Is it very unwiki to impose some structure like I did in WebProgramming and trying to keep it up? GuiProgramming and IntegratingPythonWithOtherLanguages are also candidates for this kind of style. -- DanielDittmar 2002-07-15 02:21:48

Imposing (widely accepted) structure is not unwiki, actually it is a goal of refactoring. Otherwise, you end up with a spaghetti wiki, i.e. chaos. -- jh

Discussions about Python should be held on comp.lang.python and the SIGs, but it is OK to summarize those discussions in the wiki. -- DanielDittmar 2002-07-15 02:21:48

The entire point of a wiki is to capture discussion in such a way that it will be remembered IMO - dhl 20020716

What kind of conversation are we talking about?

"How does this work" has been great. If you need me to back this up for you, I can back it up with many anecdotes; Most of the pages I write here have seen some related action. People tell me that they read and use (and correct) my pages, and it'd be sad to see that come to an end.

The only thing that annoys me are pages with questions for names. Instead, the page name should be the name of the piece, and then the question should appear on the page. That is, How can "normal" users report bugs in Python or the documentation? should be a page called PythonDocumentation, and then the question attached to that page.

-- LionKimbro 2005-09-15 22:31:31 [lwickjr: Sorry about that, Lion. :I ]

I think this Wiki would best serve as continuing from where standard Python documentation left off: showing examples of use, adding information about good packages not existing in the standard distribution, and talking about higher-level stuff like 'tips for parallel processing'. Examples are very important for newcomers, and hey, many people like to learn new things first from examples, and dive into reference when details become important (including me). As for discussing Python in general, I think c.l.p is invaluable and needs no replacement - so I guess I'm along the same lines as DanielDittmar and J├╝rgenHermann. -- EdvardMajakari 2005-09-15 15:14:13


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