At PyCon 2009, Steve Holden suggested building a microsite for people who wish to learn Python.

We already have BeginnersGuide, but it's buried in the wiki and is pretty dense text. This microsite would have a cleaner design and fewer links.

Possible names

Vote here:

(Note: I (MichaelFoord) own the domain and would be happy to donate the domain to the PSF or administer it for this site.)

We should probably avoid 'Learning Python', since that's an O'Reilly book title. Likewise there is a book called 'Beginning Python'.


Notes on the current content are at PythonWebsite/Learning/Top. The site primarily links to resources, so its page architecture is pretty shallow.

Should it target Python 2, 3 or both? Python 3 would be better, but would mean that initially it couldn't cover common third party libraries that haven't yet been ported to Python 3.

How about commissioning prominent authors to produce an article each on a range of subjects?


To avoid spending volunteer time on yet another site design, we should just re-use the existing page design (though not necessarily the same site-building script and infrastructure.)

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