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Python Events Calendar

The Python events calendar is a combination of Google calendars maintained by the Python Calendar Team and published on the following sites:

The events are also listed on a map mashup created by Luis Miguel Morillas:

Here's a snapshot showing all events from Jan 2012 - March 2016:


Submitting an Event

If you would like to get new events listed on these calendars, please write to using the following email template:

Please add the following event:

 * name of the event: 
 * type of event: 
 * focus on Python: 
 * approximate number of attendees: 
 * location (incl. country): 
 * dates/times/recurrence (incl. time zone): 
 * link: <a href="http://url/">name of the event</a>

Please mention:

For recurring events, please also include the recurrence information, e.g. "monthly, every second Thursday".


For online events, please use "Online Event" as location.

For trainings, courses, webinars and similar type of events, please post your event on the PythonTraining page. We currently do not have a calendar for these.

/!\ Please leave at least two weeks notice when submitting events. The calendar team is volunteer driven. While we try to add new events swiftly, we cannot guarantee response times.

Bulk Submission of Events

In some cases, the email format may not be suitable, e.g. if you want to submit several events in one go. For those cases, please list the events in the email sent to, including the following details:

for each event, or as summary, so that we can tell which type of event you want entered and whether they are suitable for our calendars.

Please attach the event data as iCal file events.ics using the following entry format:

The same notes as above apply to bulk submissions.

Available Calendars

iCal Downloads

RSS Feeds

Note: Google has switched off calendar RSS feeds on Nov 18 2015, so these links no longer work.

Twitter Feed

Embedding Calendars

If you'd like to embed the calendar into your site, please ping us at before doing so. We'd like to keep a list of sites where the calendars are displayed.

You can find the embedding code further below on this page.

Known sites embedding the calendars

Python Calendar Team

The following people are active team members with have admin rights to the calendars:

(Yes, I could need some more help :-) )

The following people are inactive team members with admin rights to the calendars:

Mailing List

The team uses the python-events mailing list for discussion and to process events. The address is an alias for the python-events mailing list.

Guidelines for entries

In order to make the decision of whether to add an event and where to add it easier, we've setup a few guidelines:

General Requirements

Calendar Choice

Notes regarding calendar entries

Some notes regarding entries for the admins:

All calendar admins can invite more people as calendar admins. When doing so, please add the new admins to the above list and ping the team by writing to (also to get their email address added to the python-events mailing list).

Calendar embedding code

This iframe code is used on to display the calendar:


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