If you have booted from the PythonCd, the web pages you are looking at right now are locally mirrored pages of the Python.org Wiki.

The software running the PythonCd wiki is a pure Python thing: MoinMoin wiki running under TwistedMatrix (used as web server).

/!\ As you are running from CD, local changes to this wiki will be lost on reboot / power down. If you want to contribute, first go to the master page on the Python.org wiki.

Is it ok to mirror the python.org wiki?

All the pages, or just the pages you've written? You'll run into a lot of copyright trouble if you're going to try for the former. -- JohannesGijsbers

All the pages would be easier. So we could reference to other content about python here in the wiki and wouldn't have to duplicate that doc effort on our own. As those pages are readable world-wide on this wiki, is it really a problem if they are readable on a non-profit PythonCd, too?

Practically, probably not. It's highly unlikely anyone will sue you for copyright infringement, but it is possible. This wiki has no copyright policy, so you can only assume the rights granted in the DefaultCopyright. That doesn't include the right to redistribute to other sites or a CD. -- JohannesGijsbers

Yeah, you never know when SCO is going to start contributing, and then say "you can't do that!" when you want to make use of what you wrote.

It'd be neat if wiki technology (What's this one running- MoinMoin? ;) ) had a "copyright switch," in your UserPreferences section. The default setting of the switch is "Default Copyright." If you were to make a page, in that state, then the page's copyright is "Default Copyright." People have to go into "default copyright" mode to use that page.

Yes, we could probably do more optimal things with diffs and what not, but this seems to me the easiest, simplest solution, but in terms of implementing it, and in terms of people being able to understand what's going on. And when it comes to legal stuff, we definitely want there to be no questions about what is going on.

You could switch yourself to "Creative Commons Share Alike" mode, or "Primarily Public Domain" mode, and get those licenses as well. Then to contribute to those pages, you need to consent to those licenses. ("You're editing under DEFAULT COPYRIGHT. This page is CREATIVE COMMONS PUBLIC DOMAIN. Would you like to temporarily edit under the Creative Commons Public Domain license?")

(Note that, if we were using CC-SA here, you could not make the PythonCd, unless you intended to not exchange money over it, if I recall correctly.)

Here, I just wrote up WikiFeatures:LicenseSwitch to explain the idea further.

-- LionKimbro 2004-06-30 19:12:44


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