DC-Area Python BarCamp


Space requirements

We'll bring in easels w/ whiteboards or paper pads, or those static-clinging sheets for the wall.

Talk ideas

Talks on the first day should be a mix of offered and invited, going from more introductory talks early on to more advanced and specialized talks later. Possible ideas:

Possible venues




Current tasks

E-mail possible CS department contacts

Research hotel prices in the fall: Baltimore vs. DC; is one city much cheaper?

What to do about wireless, which is critical? Bring it in? Rely on the venue's wireless? What if it fails, which would cripple us?

Budget notes

Assuming 50 attendees, and assuming we get food (which is looking unlikely):

 1500? Venue
  500? Projector rental
 1500  Food for 50 attendees ($15 x 50 attendees x 2 days)
  250  Contingency 
  250  Equipment (power strips, etc.)
  250  Printing (signage, local map, etc.)
 4250  Total

Charging $10 admission to 50 people only brings in $500; we'd need to charge at least $80 to break even. Maybe we should just forget about charging admission and look for sponsorship instead.

The Chicago BarCamp cut costs by borrowing projectors and other equipment from techies and businesses who wanted a mention; it cut out the food cost by borrowing microwaves and finding a venue near restaurants. Do it on the cheap!

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