The idea has to be substantive enough to be... well, to be sufficiently substantive. Not all of these ideas are so substantive, so a proposal might use one of these as a starting point, or might be a combination of several ideas. Also see Python WebProgramming (there's a lot!).

If you have questions you can contact (Web-SIG), or one of the potential advisors listed at the end of this page. (But if you aren't willing to do some homework on these projects, that obviously won't look good... ask smart questions!)

See also ../WebServiceStack

The Web-Server Gateway Interface

WSGI is mostly an aspect of the implementation; many kinds of frameworks and tools could fit into that framework.


Spyce is a web application environment similar to ASP.NET or Tapestry, in that all these frameworks allow you to create reusable components containing model, view, and controller. Spyce provides the convenience of active handlers without imposing a leaky event model on your application. Spyce could use help with


Anything related to WSGI will benefit Paste, but there are some tasks that would apply specifically to Paste:

Other ideas


(other people who may be willing to advise should add a note here)

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