Note: Much of this has been done. See PythonWebsite for ongoing work on content and tools for the python.org website.

During PyCon 2003 the need to make changes to python.org was clearly identified. See PythonOrgWebsiteRedesignOpenSpace.

The overhaul is taking place in (at least) two phases, as detailed below. The phases are not set in stone, items can and should be moved around as necessary.

Phase 1

Primary goal is to quickly improve the site's basic usability:

Phase 2

Currently, it is largely unknown what will happen during this phase but here are some possibilities:

Home Page Mockups

Home Page must haves

Feel free to expand this, I just want to get down my priorities. Based on the stats, feedback at OSCON, and my own usage of python.org. The home page has a few very clear usage scenarios.

Other home pages for consideration

Mailing List

IRC session

An IRC session took place between 18:00 and 17:30. Logs available here :html formatted raw In attendence were Kevin Altis, Tim Parkin, Matt Goodall, and Fred Drake.

Latest IRC Session jun 2004 psfprc

Python logo images

Other tasks


How about simply upgrading the python.org wiki and making more use of it?

Using a wiki makes it much easier to update content (as you see right here), add links and fix stuff. It puts the burden of maintaining the site on the shoulders of the community, not a few webmasters. The current MoinMoin version (not the old version you are using now) is themeable and has access control lists for critical pages, like the FrontPage.

At the moinmoin homepage, we are doing everything in the wiki. It works ;)

-- ThomasWaldmann 2004-07-11 11:19:12

Rewriting more of our content from HTML into ReST will help with well-formedness, and that's probably easier than fixing the HTML page-by-page.

-- AndrewKuchling


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