Materials to help you (yes YOU) spread the word about PyOhio.

Formal announcement:

The conference is free of charge. It will include scheduled talks, Lightning Talks, and unconference-style Open Spaces.

To get more information or to volunteer, see

<a href=""><img src="" /></a> .

Ooh, drat, foiled by MoinMoin's excessively aggressive interpretation of URLs. Let's try that again - although it really would be better to put http and :// before

<a href=""><img src="" /></a> .

You can download a flyer, print it out, photocopy it, and hand it out at your usergroup, your techie bookstore, your nephew's graduation, etc.

There's a half-page ad suitable for publications.

TODO: banner ad

Microformatted announcement:

<div id="hcalendar-PyOhio" class="vevent">


Microformatted announcement, stripped of carriage returns (for blogs like Blogger):

<div id="hcalendar-PyOhio" class="vevent"> <a href="" class="url summary">PyOhio</a> <div class="description">Regional Python programming miniconference</div><abbr title="20080726" class="dtstart">July 26th, 2008</abbr> <div id="metro-library" class="vcard location"> <a class="url fn n org" href="">Columbus Metropolitan Library</a><div class="adr"> <div class="street-address">96 S. Grant Ave.</div> <span class="locality">Columbus</span>, <span class="region">OH</span> <span class="postal-code">43215</span><span class="country-name">USA</span> </div> </div> <div class="tags">Tags: <a href="">python</a> <a href=""> open-source</a><a href=""> programming</a><a href=""> conference</a><a href=""> ohio</a></div></div>

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