Attendees should get a handout describing:

  • schedule
  • what Open Spaces are & how to participate
  • scheduled talks with their abstracts
  • other conferences of interest - Penguicon and Ohio Day of .NET have already agreed to promote PyOhio in their program guides, and we'll reciprocate
  • library map


Shouldn't be necessary, since we're trying to go without a budget. However, if any sponsors do appear, there are some things they could do for us:

  • Buying lunch or snacks
  • Swag or door prizes
  • Paying for a locale (if all else fails)
  • a Kinko's (or whatnot) card for our program guides / handouts
  • Paying for an after-party

So far, the following sponsors have (contacted us out of the blue and) volunteered to provide goodies:

Apress will send books and swag

Python Magazine will send magazines and run an online ad

WearPython will send swag

Thanks very much!


Everybody should help publicize PyOhio! Materials to do so are here.

Announcements should go to:

  • python-announce-list: Done
  • PyCon blog: Done
  • COLUG: Done
  • Dayton Microcomputer Association
  • Everybody's blogs, of course
  • Columbus Ruby Brigade: Done
  • NOOSS: Done
  • OSU Open Source Club: Done
  • Cleveland Flex Users Group
  • MichiPUG: Done
  • Akron/Canton LUG
  • Cleveland Ruby Group
  • .Net / Java Groups?
  • Rubbercity Perl Mongers?
  • Event calendars: Mostly done
  • This Week in Django podcast: done
  • WCBE, WOSU event calendar

Announcement Text

PyOhio, the first annual Python programming miniconference for Ohio and surrounding areas, will take place Saturday, July 26, in Columbus, OH.

The conference is free of charge. It will include scheduled talks, Lightning Talks, and unconference-style Open Spaces.

To get more information or to volunteer, see


Don't look at me, I'm a nerd. But it is a possibility...


Southern Culture on the Skids at Skully's Music Diner ,

Remaining tasks

  • Food ordering
  • Make badges
  • Make a large (easel-sized) welcome poster
  • Small posters for directions within library
  • Get: plastic tack (for poster session)

More planning resources at [User Group Support]

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