PyOhio will be volunteer-run. Please sign yourself up for an open position, or define your own position! The more people help out, the better PyOhio will be.

Position Sorry Soul
Chair Catherine Devlin: catherine devlin,
Talk Coordinator David Stanek <dstanek AT dstanek DOT com>
Sponsor Coordinator Brent Friedman <brent AT brent friedman dot net>
Proposal Reviewers Mike Pirnat <mpirnat AT gmail DOT com>, Mat Kovach
Open-space Coordinator John Langkals <langkals DOT 1 AT osu DOT edu>
Program Guide Matt Arnold
Webmaster David Stanek
Logo Mike Pirnat
Food coordinator Brent Friedman
Registrant Checklist Guy Steve Johnson

Several other positions have not been filled. Step up!

Position Sorry Soul
Swag judge  
Badge maker  
Session timer  
Soda manager  
(your suggestion here)  

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