(1:57:21 PM) mw-home: hi catherine

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(1:58:30 PM) catherinedevlin: hi!

(1:58:49 PM) catherinedevlin: it's about time, I'll send a reminder email to -organizers now

(2:00:35 PM) catherinedevlin: so let's see... locations

(2:00:41 PM) catherinedevlin: matt, remind me what city you're in?

(2:02:03 PM) matt-wilson: cleveland

(2:02:15 PM) catherinedevlin: figures. no CMH people!

(2:02:44 PM) martinh [n=heller@spiteos.wacked.org] entered the room.

(2:02:50 PM) catherinedevlin: anyway, I'd like to try for OSU next year, but I don't know how to get the attention of anybody with authority there.

(2:03:02 PM) catherinedevlin: short of staging a sit-in

(2:03:37 PM) martinh: has someone tried contacting their computer science people?

(2:03:44 PM) catherinedevlin: there's only one .ohio.edu address in our registrant list, and I forgot to ask him if he is/knows anybody Important there

(2:04:02 PM) catherinedevlin: martin, I tried last year, but only with out-of-the-blue email, and got ignored (I think)

(2:04:19 PM) siddfinch [i=mek@faeroes.freeshell.ORG] entered the room.

(2:04:33 PM) catherinedevlin: need to find or make a personal connection somehow... ideas on that?

(2:06:08 PM) martinh: the medical school would be easy for me. but we should see about the computer science department.

(2:06:27 PM) catherinedevlin: do you know somebody over there, martin?

(2:06:41 PM) matthewarnold [n=mattarno@adsl-75-46-162-109.dsl.sfldmi.sbcglobal.net] entered the room.

(2:06:49 PM) martinh: yea.

(2:07:01 PM) catherinedevlin: that would be absolutely fantastic!

(2:07:07 PM) martinh: i'll see if he knows anyone in the computer science area.

(2:07:09 PM) matthewarnold: hi, this is Matt Arnold from Detroit.

(2:07:24 PM) catherinedevlin: oh, yeah, maybe we should do a round of intros.

(2:07:29 PM) catherinedevlin: matt did our program guide, w00t!

(2:07:54 PM) matthewarnold: hello. Who else is here?

(2:07:55 PM) siddfinch: Doesn't somebody from OSU usually have a booth at Ohio LinuxFest ?

(2:08:07 PM) siddfinch: I'll see if I can get a connect from them.

(2:08:10 PM) matthewarnold: I know Catherine, but who else am I speaking to?

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(2:08:53 PM) martinh: i'm martin!

(2:09:08 PM) matthewarnold: Martin, what' s your involvement with PyOhio?

(2:09:29 PM) martinh: right now just lurking. seeing if I can help.

(2:09:34 PM) matthewarnold: cool

(2:09:44 PM) martinh: and still probably not going next year, if it's in the same time frame.

(2:10:08 PM) martinh: but, in general, i'm in ClePy and also a leader of nooss.org

(2:10:28 PM) siddfinch: I'm Mat, I help Martin with nooss.org

(2:10:40 PM) matthewarnold: Hi, Mat.

(2:10:47 PM) martinh: if you've been to linuxfest, you've seen us.

(2:11:12 PM) matthewarnold: I went to OLF last year to run a Penguicon booth.

(2:11:40 PM) martinh: then you probably even talked to us. we're the ones who do the live webcast from there.

(2:11:53 PM) catherinedevlin: excellent... an OLF booth is one of the things I wanted to discuss

(2:12:22 PM) matthewarnold: oh, yes. I assisted Tux with his interview with a couple of live webcasts.

(2:13:02 PM) matthewarnold: I started a new software project for conference schedulers. It's in TurboGears and has two developers, not counting me (as I am more of the knowledge domain specialist and requirements designer). If PyOhio could use such an app, we would welcome more developers. http://crem.miscellaneouswhatnot.net/trac/

(2:13:07 PM) siddfinch: I would highly recommend a OLF booth ... good way to get the word out and probably help in finding some sponsers .. if you go that way.

(2:13:25 PM) catherinedevlin: topics I wanted to talk about: 1. Venue 2. Date 3. LinuxFest 4. Sponsorship... others?

(2:14:08 PM) catherinedevlin: awesome, Matthew! Is that for behind-the-scenes scheduling, or presentation to registrants, or both?

(2:14:35 PM) catherinedevlin: you've got DOCUMENTATION! dear Lord, can it be?

(2:16:14 PM) catherinedevlin: so anyway. Back to Venue - Mat and Martin, both of your help in contacting someone Powerful at OSU would be so very very welcome - I will nag by email

(2:16:24 PM) catherinedevlin: other venue possibilities:

(2:16:32 PM) matthewarnold: yeah, I like to write documentation

(2:16:56 PM) catherinedevlin: I Have Heard that some hotels will provide their meeting space for free if you book enough rooms. We did have a lot more hotel-stayers than I expected, so that could work.

(2:17:01 PM) siddfinch: Give me until next week, I have to do some PR for OLF the rest of this week, my time will be limited.

(2:17:27 PM) catherinedevlin: hotel advantage: people can hang around comfortably late into the night

(2:17:52 PM) catherinedevlin: hotel disadvantage: they usually insist on their own caterers for food ( = $$$ ) (but maybe we can find an exception to that)

(2:18:00 PM) catherinedevlin: other thoughts on using a hotel?

(2:18:35 PM) matthewarnold: well, it worked for Midwest ConStruction. They're pretty small, and used a small hotel.

(2:18:54 PM) matthewarnold: but they also had no food whatsoever.

(2:19:29 PM) matthewarnold: Maybe you can get a sponsor to pay for a suite. that way you have a consuite?

(2:19:40 PM) catherinedevlin: letting people buy their own lunches isn't terrible if there are places right there

(2:19:44 PM) catherinedevlin: hmmm, a consuite

(2:19:54 PM) matthewarnold: because they don't care what food you have in the hotel rooms, only in function space.

(2:20:00 PM) catherinedevlin: don't we need funny costumes then?

(2:20:21 PM) matthewarnold: I'll bring Tux and you'll be all set.

(2:20:27 PM) siddfinch: Martin always has the funny mask on, does that count?

(2:20:56 PM) matthewarnold: *checks the rules* yes it does. You're golden.

(2:21:39 PM) catherinedevlin: ok, it sounds like it's worth checking. any specific hotels to suggest? craig maloney blogged that he stayed in the doubletree and it was awesome.

(2:22:09 PM) catherinedevlin: is there any less tedious way to query a city's hotels than calling one-by-one? there are a lot of hotels in columbus

(2:22:29 PM) martinh: i tayed in a doubletree at pycon. it was very nice.

(2:23:46 PM) dstanek: hello all

(2:23:49 PM) catherinedevlin: and back on the schools idea - anybody else have any contacts (or know how to get them) at any other CMH schools?

(2:24:02 PM) matthewarnold: I'm trying to look up which hotel Midwest ConStruction used. It was in Columbus or just outside it.

(2:24:38 PM) catherinedevlin: hi dave!

(2:25:56 PM) matthewarnold: oh cool. Not only did I find the hotel, but there are pictures of me. :) http://www.midamericon.org/photoarchive/04construct1.htm

(2:26:31 PM) catherinedevlin: ok, they're on the list!

(2:26:45 PM) catherinedevlin: other venue suggestions?

(2:27:18 PM) matthewarnold: I can assure you I have no contacts with schools in Ohio.

(2:27:29 PM) diordna [n=diordna@] entered the room.

(2:27:38 PM) dstanek: catherinedevlin: i haven't heard from M$ but i hope to by end of next week

(2:27:41 PM) diordna: Greetings.

(2:27:46 PM) dstanek: i think my contact is on vacation

(2:27:48 PM) diordna: Sorry I'm late.

(2:28:01 PM) catherinedevlin: oh, I'd forgotten that! thanks, dave.

(2:28:27 PM) catherinedevlin: np, diordna - don't recognize your handle.

(2:28:31 PM) diordna: Steve Johnson

(2:28:38 PM) catherinedevlin: thanks!

(2:29:07 PM) catherinedevlin: ok, throw in other venue thoughts anytime, but in the meantime we can go on to Schedule.

(2:29:20 PM) catherinedevlin: sounds like unanimous acclaim on the mailing list for the "2 day" idea

(2:29:33 PM) diordna: Yep.

(2:29:44 PM) diordna: (Also, good on the venue.)

(2:29:56 PM) catherinedevlin: i'm thinking: start late on Day #1 (11:00 or 12:00) so people won't feel like they need to stay a SECOND night

(2:30:23 PM) matthewarnold: sure.

(2:30:26 PM) diordna: Good plan, but I'd say more like 10:30.

(2:31:06 PM) matthewarnold: before moving it to 10:30 AM, try to evaluate the average distance of our attendees.

(2:31:11 PM) matthewarnold: in terms of drive time.

(2:31:30 PM) catherinedevlin: Should we stick with a summer weekend (Saturday-Sunday)? Move it to adjoining to Ohio LinuxFest 2009?

(2:31:43 PM) diordna: I'd put average drive time at 3 hours.

(2:31:56 PM) diordna: Probably less.

(2:31:58 PM) catherinedevlin: {'NH': 1, 'OH': 63, 'MI': 4, 'NY': 1, 'PA': 1, 'IL': 2, 'IN': 5, 'KY': 2}

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('IL - BLOOMINGTON', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('IL - CHICAGO', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('IN - COLUMBUS', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('IN - INDIANAPOLIS', 3)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('IN - MUNCIE', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('KY - LEXINGTON', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('KY - LOUISVILLE', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('MI - DETROIT', 2)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('MI - METROPLEX', 2)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('NH - MANCHESTER', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('NY - JAMESTOWN', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - AKRON', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - CANTON', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - CINCINNATI', 5)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - CLEVELAND', 17)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - COLUMBUS', 34)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - DAYTON', 3)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - LIMA', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('OH - TOLEDO', 1)

(2:32:13 PM) catherinedevlin: ('PA - PITTSBURGH', 1)

(2:32:33 PM) diordna: The outliers would stay 2 nights anyhow.

(2:33:10 PM) catherinedevlin: we can put something not-quite-a-must-see in the first timeslot

(2:33:29 PM) matthewarnold: OLF is always in October, right?

(2:33:33 PM) catherinedevlin: some of our long-distance drivers are the ones I least want to kill off with fatigue (speakers, organizers, etc.)

(2:34:30 PM) catherinedevlin: matthewarnold: yes, I think, so that would mean pushing it into the Fall. It's an idea we pondered but rejected last time, but could ponder again if people are interested. I think our main motive last time was impatience.

(2:34:36 PM) diordna: Right, but a 30 minute time push is hardly a deal breaker.

(2:34:40 PM) jleedev [i=left@goto.EECS.CWRU.Edu] entered the room.

(2:35:05 PM) matthewarnold: hi, jleedev

(2:35:17 PM) diordna: welcome, my esteemed colleague Josh Lee.

(2:35:31 PM) catherinedevlin: plus abutting OLF means we'd need to run on weekdays, which is great for me (my boss is a softie) but might be a serious problem for others

(2:35:45 PM) diordna: Serious problem if it's in the fall.

(2:35:47 PM) diordna: School.

(2:35:53 PM) matthewarnold: weekdays are probably out of the question for most people.

(2:36:02 PM) jleedev: hi

(2:36:02 PM) catherinedevlin: so... summer weekend still?

(2:36:38 PM) diordna: Looks like it. The time this year worked out well for me, and from the number of attendees, I think it worked for others too.

(2:36:45 PM) jleedev: is winter weekend a possibility?

(2:37:10 PM) catherinedevlin: august was unavailable last time b/c of Library's scheduling policy. June was too soon for us to prepare. Those are both on the table again, though, for 2009. June/July/August, thoughts?

(2:37:13 PM) matthewarnold: I'd pick a summer weekend.

(2:37:49 PM) catherinedevlin: jleedev: winter has CodeMash (January - Sandusky) and prep for PyCon (March), so I prefer summer

(2:39:44 PM) catherinedevlin: oh, cycling back around to something Dave mentioned: he's going to check the possibility of the Microsoft office hosting us. Think we need to worry about FOSS zealots shrivelling and dying at the thought?

(network connection broken, portion lost)

(2:43:29 PM) matthewarnold: Make it July 25 for the sake of consistent predictability.

(2:43:44 PM) catherinedevlin1: sorry, lost stupid connection, hate dialup, hate stupid net policies at work

(2:43:59 PM) matthewarnold: I sympathize.

(2:44:19 PM) matthewarnold: you didn't miss anything, though.

(2:46:50 PM) catherinedevlin1: ok, next topic - Ohio LinuxFest. I'm psyched to do a booth. Who could help staff it? (You're excused if you already have OLF duties.) What should we do at it?

(2:47:17 PM) matthewarnold: sorry, I'm excused for Penguicon booth duties.

(2:47:34 PM) matthewarnold: are there PyOhio photos or movies?

(2:47:58 PM) catherinedevlin1: hey, some people were taking photos, but I never heard anything about where they went to. Hmm.

(2:48:48 PM) catherinedevlin1: I can definitely run a Python Sweetness slideshow from DellZilla, my laptop with an excessively hideously dangerously large screen

(2:49:02 PM) matthewarnold: good idea.

(2:49:11 PM) matthewarnold: you can take registrations of course. Need a form?

(2:49:21 PM) catherinedevlin1: ooh, good idea - sure!

(2:49:42 PM) catherinedevlin1: how about cheap swag? I'm asking about Python stickers like they gave out at PyCon

(2:49:55 PM) matthewarnold: if you can get it, sure.

(2:50:07 PM) catherinedevlin1: any other cheap swag ideas?

(2:50:31 PM) catherinedevlin1: A one-page Getting Started with Python handout would be good, if anybody knows a really nice one

(2:50:32 PM) matthewarnold: talk recordings on CD, with permission of the presenters.

(2:50:57 PM) matthewarnold: I've got a duplicator. If PyOhio can pay for the blank media in advance, I'll bring them.

(2:51:09 PM) catherinedevlin1: alas that we don't have any originals to duplicate.

(2:51:25 PM) catherinedevlin1: but that's a good idea for next time around!

(2:52:21 PM) matthewarnold: is there a PyOhio banner?

(2:52:33 PM) matthewarnold: I might find time to paint one.

(2:52:40 PM) catherinedevlin1: ooooooooooh

(2:52:47 PM) catherinedevlin1: that would be great

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(2:54:36 PM) catherinedevlin1: ok, and last thing I have on my list: sponsorship

(2:54:55 PM) matthewarnold: I have no earthly clue.

(2:55:09 PM) catherinedevlin1: yeah, this was a Challenge last time.

(2:55:18 PM) matthewarnold: (is there anyone in this conversation other than us?)

(2:56:15 PM) catherinedevlin1: hmm... maybe that means "no"

(2:57:10 PM) matthewarnold: :)

(2:57:44 PM) matthewarnold: I have some sponsorship guys working on Penguicon, but it was probably the hardest thing about the convention last year.

(2:58:08 PM) catherinedevlin1: so I think we can say we're done, though I'll keep my window open till the next time my modem connection dies

(2:58:19 PM) catherinedevlin1: thanks so much, matthew!

(2:58:25 PM) matthewarnold: You're welcome!

(2:58:41 PM) catherinedevlin1: yeah, the day will come when they BEG us to sponsor. :) but not quite yet

(2:59:39 PM) catherinedevlin1: (seriously, I've watched national PyCon go from "Does anybody know anyone hiring Python people? Anyone? Anyone?" to "enough of the recruiters, already! Get them off!" in four years. We're just a little slow here in the interior.)

(2:59:41 PM) matthewarnold: talk to Michael Meffie, if he's still running LinuxFest

(3:00:34 PM) catherinedevlin1: david did say that AGI might kick in a lot more if we ask them to. I just prefer the idea of a broader sponsorship base

(3:00:38 PM) catherinedevlin1: OK, I'll ask him

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(3:17:21 PM) wamcvey [n=wam@] entered the room.

(3:18:07 PM) wamcvey: Hmm... looks like the "meeting" has concluded.

(3:21:09 PM) catherinedevlin1: hi, wamcvey! (William?0 I'm still around

(3:21:31 PM) catherinedevlin1: you should be able to check the log & see if you have anything to comment on

(3:21:31 PM) wamcvey: Yep, this is William.

(3:21:38 PM) diordna left the room (quit: ).

(3:22:01 PM) catherinedevlin1: various thoughts on place, date, LinuxFest

(3:22:13 PM) wamcvey: hmm, the log is where? (perhaps if there is an archive of the channel, we could set that to be the channel topic?)

(3:23:34 PM) catherinedevlin1: in Pigeon, you can click Conversation / View Log from the menu

(3:23:49 PM) catherinedevlin1: I don't think the archive gets put into a URL or anything

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(3:24:03 PM) wamcvey: But that's only a client side log that exists if you're on the channel...

(3:24:17 PM) catherinedevlin1: oh, drat. I see.

(3:24:19 PM) catherinedevlin1: Hmm.

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