PyOhio open space

Notes (mostly questions) jottted down during the PyOhio planning huddle held as an open-space at PyCon 2009.


  • Will they allow Wearable Python to come & sell?
  • Rooms - enough Open Spaces? Break up main hall? Need a report
  • OSU's policy on bringing in pizza, etc.? (I believe I discussed this with John L. earlier and it was OK, but will confirm)
  • Microsoft has a large Columbus office - perhaps it would be available for other (pre-conference?) activities


  • Food Coordinator
  • Sponsorship Chair
  • Publicity - Sarah D.
  • Lodging Coordinator - William McVey (will gather hotel info for attendees)
  • Photographer
  • After-party Coordinator


  • Hooray to Sarah D.
  • Put together a "PR package" with brouchure, blog badge, poster...
  • Publicize through ACM and IEEE - both adult and student chapters
  • Arrange talks at local meetings of other groups to publicize PyOhio & Python ( a Speakers' Bureau? ). Make a "Python for PHP programmers" talk. Bring Jython to the Java User Groups.
  • Make screencasts that include a PyOhio "ad"
  • Spread word through EdgeCase, eRubyCon - & get advice from Joe O'Brian
  • Tech Columbus
  • Arrange a Pylons evangelism sprint
  • We already have a Twitter feed. Should we get a LinkedIn group, too?


  • AGI was our primary sponsor last year - hopefully they'll repeat
  • Excellent possibility of Microsoft Sponsorship. Could we also make use of MS's large Columbus building?
  • Far from certain, but Oracle Technical Network may sponsor
  • We need a sponsor prospectus - see those for PyCon, CodeMash for examples


  • Call For Propoals (generic)
  • Later - targeted call for specific talk types


  • A Beginners' Track
  • Balance of open-spaces, sprints, traditional talks? A full day of open-spaces? Probably better to mix - give nobody an excuse to skip a day
  • After-party - still very undetermined. (What about a trip to the zoo?)
  • A GiveCamp? (sprinting to produce product(s) for nonprofit/good cause)
  • CREM - Matt Arnold's conference-powering software, useful for scheduling
  • Keynotes?

Photography - We should make sure to take & publish photos this year. They're good for reminiscing and for 2010 publicity.

Fluffy, the world's largest python, lives at the Columbus Zoo. How can we capitalize on this? A live FluffyCam? Can she be our mascot?

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