For things we didn't do this year, but might want to do next year.

Volunteer recognition

I'm imagining special stickers to add to your name badge:

- Staff, for people with official offices

- Organizer, for participants on pyohio-organizers

- Speaker

- Gold stars. Staff members would carry a bunch of gold stars and give them to people who provide that crucial on-the-fly impromptu help. We could even set a swag prize aside for the person with the most gold stars...

Open Space recognition

Open-space organizers should put their names on the open-space cards they put up, that's actually part of the official open-space "protocol". Set a swag prize aside to give to a random open-space organizer.

Tracking Open Space Status Online

Make it easy to keep an online version of the OpenSpaces signups: Set up a wiki page that can receive cellphone photo emails so folks can just snap pictures of the Open Spaces board and submit them as the conference goes along. Suggest that the receiving page put the latest images on top and archive anything more than 5 images old. If paranoid, only accept photos from pre-approved phones. Or maybe have something that watches twitter for twitpic (or whatever service) tweets and grabs the photos from there. (There might be an existing service that can do this, if so, just link to it from the conference wiki?)

Program Guide

Presenter contact info (email, twitter, URL, whatever) should be listed in the program guide. Perhaps also an errata URL where presos can be announced, discussion groups can form, etc.

Maybe let the presenters manage their bios as a wiki page that is gathered into the Program Guide? Either dead simple text only with paragraph breaks, or ReStructured Text? Maybe do the same for sponsor info?

Building Access

Maybe it'd make sense to have someone always in the building to avoid the Saturday night lockout (which fortunately didn't last too long). Friday night is a bit trickier...

Maybe also a call-if-locked out number (or email address or ....)?


The Python Software Foundation has been an important sponsor both years, and it would be nice to pay them back with some education about what the PSF is and does. Literature, an information session, ?

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