Our 2009 food supply covered roughly 200 people. I estimate it was about 50% above what we needed.



648 N Cassady Ave Columbus, OH 43219 (614) 253-7200 (614) 253-5401 fax

34 cases Canned Pop, $10 each (816 cans)

8 cases Bottled Water $10 each (192 bottles)

600 Individual Chips (1 oz. Frito-Lay) $0.42 each

8 Assorted K-Cup Coffee - 25 Count (total 200 servings coffee) $12.50 each

Keurig coffee machine rental was free (Keurig brews 1 cup per unit inserted)

sugar, creamer, stirrers, cups not included

Advantage total with tax, no delivery charge: $822

Items delivered Friday night, stored overnight in classroom, moved to cafe area for serving

Delivery from Panera Bread

Cafe 3018 1619 N. High St. 614-297-6800

17 packs bagels (18 per pack) (306 bagels) $12 each

15 tubs cream cheese, $5.29 each

Panera total $283

Items delivered 8:30 AM Saturday


$163 at Kroger (N. High St.). Included cookies, muffins, apples, clementines, bananas*, sugar/creamer/cups/stirrers for coffee, raisin packets, granola bars, pop-tarts, peanuts (served in dixie cups), napkins, paper towels, garbage bags, freezer bags (for leftovers).

* - most bananas in supermarket are underripe. Should pre-buy.


Brought each morning by volunteers in 7-lb bags. 3 plastic bins filled with pop and ice.


Continued to use pop, snacks, bagels from Saturday.

Delivery by Adriatico's

(chosen by asking for recommendations from students)

265 W 11th Ave. 614-421-2300

18 "buckeye" sized pizzas (enormous rectangles) - $31.80 each

plates & napkins included free

total $573


Food total $1841, about $9.21 each. Not being tied to a monopoly caterer is tEh win.

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