Friday, 10:30

(Opposite "Sequential Code in an Event-Driven World", "How to Build an Air-Traffic Control System", and "Acceptance of XML in the Python Community")


What is DivMod? Why do you need it?

(310 Front)

Python Q&A

Bring your Python questions or library/package questions and we'll answer them together.

(310 Back)

Friday, 11:00

(Opposite "Python for Series 60 Phones", "PyLucene: Pulling Java Lucene into Python", and "Yarn: Working with Messages in Diverse Formats and Protocols")

3D Graphics & Rendering BoF

(310 Back)

Friday, 11:30

(Opposite "Improving Python's Memory Allocator", "Advanced Server-Side Programming in Jython", and "Documentation Costs Avoided Using Python and Other Open Standards")

NewPB: Twisted's next-generation RPC layer

What is it? What's new? When the bleep will it be ready?

(310 Front)

PyDotOrg BoF

Discussion of future plans for changes

(310 Back)

Friday, 1:00

(Opposite "Happy Hooking: Designing Software for Extensibility and Customization", "Fast Networking with Python", and Lightning Talks)

Python in the Financial Industry

How to get Python more widely accepted. What's missing? Timeseries database?

(310 Front)

Friday, 1:30

(Opposite "Envisage - An Extensible Application Framework", "Streaming Python", and Lightning Talks)

Python in Geographic Information Systems?

Are you using Python to leverage GIS applications? Any work or interest in Open GIS Consortium projects?

(310 Front)

Friday, 2:30

(Opposite "pyblosxom: A Microkernel Approach to Blogging", "The Personal Internet Endpoint: Twisted and Peer-to-Peer", and "Conference Feedback: What Worked and What Didn't"


Building the Money module specification.

(310 Front)

Past OpenSpaces (with links:)

Thursday 11:00

(Opposite "An Introduction to Building Chandler Parcels" and "Studying African Lions")

Framework and tools for publishing automation workflows

A fashinating architecture made of Python+COM+XML to drive Adobe InDesign, Twisted to build the distributed system, wxPython for the tools. (310 Front)

Building Number Theory Software

I am designing and implementing a system for number theory computations using Python. The goal is to create something like SciPy, but for number theorists (hence also cryptographers?). For more details, see (310 Back)

Integrating Java into a Python Application Using JPype

I will give a brief demo on how JPype can be used to integrate the Lucene full text search engine into a Python application. (307 Front)

AVAILABLE (307 Back)

Thursday 11:30

(Opposite "Cross-Platform Desktop Applications" and "Profiling and Visualizing")

Python 102

Youve learned the language, now what? A discussion about getting beyond the basics. (310 Front)

AVAILABLE (310 Back)

Building a Database to record the growth of things like OS Bounties, Grants, and Python Solution Providers. (307 Front)

AVAILABLE (307 Back)

Thursday, 12:00

(Opposite "Keep it simple with PythonCard" and "The Roundup Issue Tracker")

Xen Relay-Secure: Python Execution for Servers

A framework for market-based untrusted code execution with Xen, Twisted, and NewPB (310 Front)

Web CMS show and tell

We'll show you our CMS framework (used for newspaper sites). You show us yours! (310 Back)

Python on a Phone: Series 60 BoF

(307 Front)

Database Adapter

Mainly about PyGro SQL development + insfljkelkj plus general discussion of DB adapters

(307 Back)

Thursday, 1:30

(Opposite "Database Applications with Schevo" and "Breaking the Rules of Commercial Software Development")

A quick'n'dirty Python IPC mechanism

I show a simple set of classes that allow different Python programs to send to each other using UNIX sockets. I'll show the implementation code and elicit feedback on how to make it better for communications between > 2 processes.

(310 Front)

Chandler BoF

(310 Back)

Thursday, 2:00

(Opposite "Dabo" and "The Complete File System")

Python as a first language

How to use Python to introduce beginners to CS.

See notes at PythonAsaFirstLanguage

(310 Front)

Chandler BoF

(310 Back)

Thursday, 2:30

(Opposite "Durus: A Persistence System" and "How to Insure Your Book Collection")

SchoolTool & CanDO

Discuss interaction of CanDo competency tracker with SchoolTool

(310 Front)

Thursday, 3:30

(Opposite "Black Magic" and "PyChinko")


(310 Front)

BoF Python Implementations

Talk about PyPy, IronPython, Jython, CPython - Cooperation

(310 Back)

Thursday, 4:00

(Opposite "Descriptors", "Rule-Driven Software", and "Indexing the US Patent Database")

More PythonCard

More on PythonCard that couldn't be covered in 12:00 session: future, documentation, wxPython.

(310 Front)

Thursday, 4:30


GPG Key Signing Session

(310 Front)

Wednesday, 12:00

Hypertoons with VPython

HyperToons: continuous play in randomly linked network of animations


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