PyConDC2005 was held at George Washington University, the same location as previous PyCon events. Audio recordings of some sessions are here.




Refereed Presentations

/Schedule -- schedule of formal presentations

/Presentations -- list of abstracts for presentations

Notes -- notes from presentations, typically including transcriptions of slides and some extra commentary

Open Space

Manager: Jim Fulton


Lightning Talks

Manager: JeremyHylton


Birds-of-a-feather Sessions


Dates and times

PyCon took place March 23-25, 2005.

Sprints took place starting the weekend before the conference, from March 19 to March 22.

A summary of attendee feedback is on the PyCon2005/Feedback page.


PyCon 2005 was held at GWU's Cafritz Conference Center, located on the third floor of the Marvin Center (also known as the Cloyd Heck Marvin Center). The main entrance of the Marvin Center is located on 21st Street between H and I Streets.


Recording of Presentations

Local Information

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