BayPiggies has taken the lead in making a bid for PyCon2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area. See PyCon2010BayPiggiesProposal and SanFrancisco for more information.

The following are the questions asked by of bidders to host PyCon.

Staff and volunteers who have answers are encouraged to put the information here. Give the source of your information as a link.

The requirements for future PyCon bids will be different than years past in that we won't be asking local groups to actually begin negotiations with venues.

Right. We can identify candidates, but we won't be negotiating the contract.

Instead, we're looking for a somewhat less formal proposal telling us why PyCon should be held in your local area:

BayPiggies, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Guido, The Exploratorium, Google, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Napa, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Big Sur...

Tell us the pros and cons about the local area:

We could have a reception at The Exploratorium and offer them a coding sprint.

San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay

One-way prices.

SF taxi companies:

Taxis cost about $40 between SFO and downtown SF.

Major hotels have free airport shuttles.

o How close are these resources to the large venues you identified above?

Usually within a few blocks.

Only a few hundred in recent years. :-)

A sampling of recent and currently scheduled tech conferences:

No snow, anyway. Rain possible but not probable. Fog in parts of SF.

Bay Area Python Interest Group

We're a Python group. Guido is a member.

Dozens, including volunteers from Google.

Guido. Google, 200+ OLPC XO users and developers...



See also SF Bay Area Scripting Groups

Google, for a start. They say they want to continue sponsoring PyCon.

The LucasFilm people at PyCon2008 say they want to get us invited for a tour of their headquarters (also LucasArts) in the Letterman Building in the Presidio of San Francisco.

We haven't talked to the other tech companies in the area, but we expect to come up with something.

Uh, wow. Well, Google, HP, Apple, Intel, AMD, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, and a cast of thousands.

Google, LucasFilm/ILM, YouTube, VMware, Yahoo!, Cisco, IronPort, eBay, BitTorrent, Slide, Facebook, HP, IBM, Apple, Oracle, LSI Logic... DICE has more than 370 Bay Area job listings for Python today (2008-4-14) at companies including HP, AMD, Conde Nast Publications, Deloitte, Dreamworks Animation, eBay, E*trade, Google, IBM, Macy's, Nokia, NVIDIA, SourceForge, Sun, Walmart, Yahoo Juju lists other Python jobs: Cisco, Acxiom, Macrovision...

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