San Francisco/Silicon Valley Proposal Pycon 2008/9

Primary Contact Alvin Wang [MAILTO]





Travel to Bay Area

There is not just 1 major airport. There are 3 major airports in the SF Bay Area. All the discount airlines fly here with direct flights to major urban centers. SouthWest and JetBlue are starting service to San Francisco Airport this summer.

Airline Discounts - The conference organizers will negotiate a reduced fare from United Airlines and Southwest. Since we are not a major conference, it will probably be 5%. You can usually get that just by asking.

From Airports to Hotel

Main Tracks

Additional Areas

Internet Access

$5K for 3 days for 200 concurrent users. We can increase it since the hotel has more T1 lines. Nearby Foster City is completely covered by Free Wifi. San Mateo is covered by the Wireless Silicon Valley agreement and may be completely covered by Wifi by the time of the conference.

24 Hour Nerding

We have all the conference rooms for all 4 days. We can have evening events like sprints, additional ad hoc discussions, etc.

Speaker Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of the Bay Area is that we can get speakers that might not be willing to travel for a Python convention but would be perfectly willing to drive. For example, Ebay, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, etc have API's that can be used by Python. They would be willing to drive but might be unwilling to fly.

Outreach Opportunity

There will be additional meeting rooms available. There are many interesting Python projects that could use some corporate support. We can arrange presentations for companies of using your project.


BART The subway system from the Bay Area

Caltrain - Commuter train takes you from SF to the Gilroy Outlet Shopping


There is already a list of a dozen local people that have volunteered to help. Personally, I live 4 miles from the hotel and can accept shipments. BayPiggies has a email list of several hundred people that can potentially help.

If you have never been to the San Francisco Bay area

map here It is about 60 miles from San Francisco to San Jose.

San Jose and area is what is know as Silicon Valley. All the tech you could possibly be interested in is here. It would be simpler to list what is not here.

In San Francisco, there is World Class shopping, eating, tourist spots. You should make reservations to go to Alcatraz because the ferry is often booked up.

Going South, there is Outlet Shopping in Gilroy, Monterey Aquarium, and many golf cities.

North is the Napa Wine Country. Home of OReilly Books.

The local organizers will provide tourism information and customized maps and details of the many local activities.

Because it is Time

2003-5 were in DC, 2006 - 2007 was in Dallas, 2008-9 should be on the West Coast. It makes sense to move the convention around North America.

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