Intended Audience

Beginning to intermediate programmers. A basic working knowledge of Python is assumed.


This tutorial will introduce beginning to intermediate programmers to the many useful Python tools & techniques for text and data processing. Topics will include regular expressions, filtering data with generators, and parsing.


  • Common data sources needing processing:
    • log files
    • CSV
    • tabular data
    • email
    • XML
  • Tools & techniques:
    • lists & dictionaries
    • s.join(list) instead of accumulating
    • for line in file
    • filters, large data sources: generators
    • decorate-sort-undecorate
    • StringIO
  • Regular expressions:
    • pattern matching
    • filtering
    • substitution
    • splitting
  • Parsing:
    • text.split()
    • text.find()
    • regular expressions
    • "real" parsers (including XML)
    • state machines

Please send feedback & ideas for further specific topics to the trainer, David Goodger (email, home page).

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