The next PUN will be held on wednesday 16 February 2011 at Nelen & Schuurmans in the center of Utrecht starting at 19:30. Please try to be on time, since we will start at exactly 19:30. If you plan on joining, put yourself on visitor list down below to give everybody an idea of how many people are coming and who. Note: you're free to come in any case, registering is just to get a rough idea on the amount of people.

Route description (pdf):

If you come by train, just walk through the "Hoog Catharijne" shopping mall on the centre side of Utrecht centraal station. In the "Zakkendragerssteeg" you'll find a red fence in the wall: go through there and the office is directly in front of you. See google maps .



  1. Klaas van Schelven, Legalsense

  2. Bram Braakman, Legalsense

  3. Reinout van Rees, Nelen & Schuurmans

  4. Pieter Swinkels, Nelen & Schuurmans

  5. Maurits van Rees, Zest Software

  6. Jasper Spaans, Fox-IT

  7. Mark van Lent, Edition1

  8. Christo Butcher, Fox-IT

  9. Gijs Nijholt, Nelen & Schuurmans

  10. Jack Ha, Nelen & Schuurmans

  11. Coen Nengerman, Nelen & Schuurmans

  12. Boaz Leskes, Buzzcapture

  13. Tikitu de Jager, Buzzcapture

  14. Vincent Hillenbrink Goeie Jongens

  15. Geert Stappers, benieuwd hoe developers tegen Trac aankijken

  16. Fred van Dijk, Zest Software

  17. Albert Visser
  18. Raymond Roelands
  19. Jean-Paul Ladage, Zest Software

  20. Orne Brocaar, Brocaar

  21. Zaheer Soebhan
  22. Arjan Verkerk
  23. Jan-Jaap Driessen
  24. Jan-Wijbrand Kolman
  25. Nico de Groot, Universiteit van Tilburg

  26. Alexandr Seleznev, Nelen & Schuurmans

  27. Vincent Pretre, Zest software
  28. You?

Most likely

Unfortunately not :(

  1. Remco Wendt, Maykin Media

  2. Jeffrey Gelens (Noppo)

  3. Jeroen Dekkers (StringIT)

  4. Aiko Mastboom (Informaat)

  5. Jan Murre, (Pareto)

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