A framework for WebProgramming.




Unix, Windows, Mac
Python versions

>= 2.4 < 3.x

Deployment Platforms

mod_wsgi is preferred as it has full WSGI support, but also it can run with FCGI, etc. It also comes with a standalone Web server for development purposes.

URL dispatching

URLs are mapped directly to functions in a controller. No need to use regular expressions (although them can be used).

Environment Access

Web2py creates request, response and session objects that are globally available.


Web2Py comes with:

Persistence Support

Web2Py's provides a Data Abstraction Layer (similar to an object-relational mapper), currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite3, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Ingress, Informix, Firebird and GAE with some caveats. Web2py generates customizable CRUD interfaces directly from the tables. The automatic creation and migration of database tables is supported. The DAL can handle almost the 100% of the queries elegantly in a pythonic way resembling SQL (no need to know advanced POO or learn a new complex query language).

Presentation Support

Web2Py's has a python capable template language. It looks like this:

{{if condition!=something:}}


A book is available both printed/pdf and freely accessible via web, written by the lead developer, who is a University Professor.

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