Outreachy with Python

Outreachy is a program to help people from underrepresented communities get involved in free and open source software by providing paid internships and mentoring support. Python will not be participating in 2017-2018 due to lack of mentor and administrator availability.

No participation in 2017-2018

Python will not be participating in 2017-2018 because we don't have the necessary mentorship available for this season. If you are a student, please consider the many other excellent organizations participating in Outreachy!

If you are an experienced mentor or experienced program admin interested in participating in Outreachy, please contact TerriOda (the SummerOfCode org admin for Python) to get more information. Please note that Outreachy requires mentors and program administrators who have some experience -- if you are new to this process, you should participate in SummerOfCode for at least a year or two before considering taking on this volunteer job.

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