Google Tips for Python

People frequently have trouble finding stuff on the Python websites. Sometimes they are just too lazy to search. Other times they don't shine a light in the proper corner. Google pokes in every corner, but you sometimes need a little help coaxing information out of it. This page gives a few idioms useful for searching Google effectively for content on the Python websites.

Searching a Single Site

Google enables you to restrict your search to a single site. spam

will search for 'spam'.

The next few sub-sections illustrate handy examples.

Searching Mailing Lists listname terms

Searching the Library Reference Manual library reference terms

Searching the Language Reference Manual reference manual terms

Searching the PEPs PEP terms

* Search for PEP 289: PEP 289

* Search for PEPs about rational numbers: PEP Rational

Searching for a Phrase

If you simply type your seach terms into the google search box, google will return pages that use all of your search terms, no matter where they occur. If, instead, you surround your search terms with double quote marks, you will get back an exact-phrase search.

Thus, searching for

python wiki engine

will return any pages that mention all three terms, many of which won't be about python wiki engines, per se. By contrast, a search for

"python wiki engine"

will only return pages which uses this exact phrase.

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