FRUncon 09: Front Range Pythoneers Unconference 2009

We're planning a Python Unconference. Date: October 10, 2009, all day Saturday. We will be following up with code sprints on Sunday the 11th.

To learn more about unconferences, click here.

Note that an unconference assumes participation by a majority of the attendees. The more you put into it, the more you'll get out. Please feel free to edit this page if you'd like to contribute.

Dates & Locations

Day 1 Unconference Sat Oct 10

Day 2 CodeJam Sun Oct 11

Social networking

Proposed Twitter hashtag: #fruncon09

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Day 1 (The Unconference)

The unconference will be an event where everyone is welcome be part of the actual conference other then just be an attendee. All are welcome to give a speech and/or presentation about Python or the tools that you use with your Python. If you're not sure what to talk about, there are a few ideas below, or if you would like to hear someone talk about something, please feel free to add to the list.


What would you like to talk about?

What would you like to learn about?

What would you like to do to help out with the conference?

I think this section could use a list of needed tasks/help/contributions. Not everyone knows what sort of help is needed.


If you are wishing to attend the unconfrence. We do ask that if you would please RSVP on the Meetup site @

This will help use in getting started the day of the event as well as planning for everything. Including food and drink.

Day 2 (CodeJaming)


In the morning I'd like to run this:

Relational Database Applications NOW! with TurboGears

This tutorial is intended to be an un-tutorial. The idea is simple. Bring me a public database, (or 4) and share with the class as we explore the new admin-level RESTful features that TurboGears2 employs.

At the end of the class, the goal is for everyone to have a working TG2 application, with a working admin, at least one customized form or table, based on a database they, or another student brought to class.

I will ask the students to do some prep-work. For those who would like to share a database, or a database schema, they should bring with them a database dump, be it a sqlite file on a memory stick, or a pgdump file, or a mysqldump file. If the students would like to share with the class, that'd be the best way to run the tutorial, and if people provide me with dumps of reasonable sizes ahead of time, I will distribute them with the class material.

We will then split up into teams of people working on similar database systems.

Intro Talk

A 10 minute talk to introduce myself and describe what SA and TG2 aim to do for relational databases. I will also discuss goals for the tutorial.

Part I

The goal of part one is to break the ice with everyone, getting them into groups and getting the first database interactions happening.

Part II

The goal of part 2 is to integrate the work done in Part I and explore the ways we can put the turbogears admin and sprox to good use.


If we need extra filler at the end (not likely), or, if people want to meet after the afternoon session, I will have a mini-tutorial for BootAlchemy. BootAlchemy allows people to load Yaml files directly into a relational database.


Laptop with Python 2.5 or 2.6 installed. Database system of your choice (Postgres, Sqlite, MySQL) Python drivers for your desired database system installed. (psychopg2, pg8000, pysqlite, mysql-python)

And after some lunch, we can see where the TG discussion goes.

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