Uche Ogbuji

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I discovered Python in 1996. At the time I was writing a lot of C++ for N-Tier applications on OS/2. I ran into REXX and immediately dug the more dynamic style. Then one day trying out Red Hat I ran into trouble with one of the built-in config tools, and right into my first Python Traceback. Without knowing anything about the language I was able to read the code an figure out the problem. The writer in me figured any language that readable was worth a closer look.

Python has been my main language for development since then, and I've written a ridiculous amount of code in the language, and perhaps a few lines here and there that were actually useful. I'm a PSF member and continuing Python advocate.

Some current places to find my code:

A bit corporate. Needs editing for soul

I'm a founding partner at Zepheira which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage information across boundaries of person, group and enterprise. In effect Zepheira provides architecture, software prototypes and mentoring to combine Semantic Technology and RESTful Web services.

I specialize in the integration of next-generation Web systems with established enterprise data technology. I've pioneered practical application of advanced Web technology, XML, Semantic technology and RDF and SOA/Web Services, leading and sponsoring several key open source software efforts to establish these. Many of the open source projects which I've led, including 4Suite, Amara, EXSLT and XBEL have become staples of Linux and other systems distributions, and components in other open-source and commercial applications.

I'm a columnist for IBM developerWorks, Application Development Trends and XML.com. I've written over 300 articles on XML, Web Services and semantic technology in recognized publications, and speak extensively at conferences worldwide.

I've been a leading proponent of professional standards in software architecture, providing leadership in how to manage business, technical and social factors affecting the success and value of software systems, especially in large organizations.

Prior to joining Zepheira I was founder and CEO of Fourthought, a consulting firm where for a decade I led the practical application of the above-mentioned technologies to the needs of clients including Sun Microsystems, Phillips Petroleum, Quovadx, AFFINA, Naval Surface Warfare Center and the Webb Interactive Services team where Jabber was born.

I studied studied Electronic Engineering at The University of Nigeria at Nsukka, and earned my B.Sc. in Computer Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.


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