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Python Language

BDFL Keynote

PyPy, by Armin Rigo and others tarball. Requires PyGame. Please don't try to read the source.

How Python is developed by Marc-Andre Lemburg, eGenix.com Software GmbH, Germany.

Psyco: a high-level overview by Armin Rigo. Psyco home page

xpython: results from language xml/python experiments by Holger Krekel

Python Framework

"Quixote. Pythonic. Web." by Harald Armin Massa in OpenOffice, Shockwave and PDF.

Unit testing with mock code by Stefan Schwarzer

"A Better Test Runner" by Marius Gedminas in magicpoint, "terrible html" and better html (with images of the slides).

"TextTest - a test framework" by Johan Andersson in OpenOffice, PDF, HTML

Creating a simple LDAP application (aka Ldaptor) by Tommi Virtanen.

PyFX - A Framework For Real-Time Graphics Effects by Lennart Ohlsson

std - a second standard library by Holger Krekel

"The MEMOPS programming framework" by Wayne Boucher in PPT.

PyKI: "X.509 Public Key Infrastructures Development Framework" by Richard Zoni

"Real-world email handling in Python" by Anders Hammarquist <iko (at) strakt.com> PDF

DatabaseProgrammingWithPython by MagnusLyckå .

SoftwareTestingWithPython by MagnusLyckå .

"Pythonic ways to control robot behavior" by Theo de Ridder in PDF.


Developing large-scale applications in Python by Marc-Andre Lemburg, eGenix.com Software GmbH, Germany.


"Dynamic Learning Content Management System (dLCMS) - Enhancing Reusability of Learning Content" by Samuel Schluep in PDF, PPT.

"A Case Study from Bristol, UK" by Chris Withers in PDF


Slides used during the Science Track are available from the "Europython website".

"Using Existing Numerical C++ Libraries from Python" by Magne Westlie in PDF.

"Integration of Numerical Models with Python" by Mike Müller in PDF (811KB)

"Advanced Systems Simulation Capabilities in SimPy" by Klaus Muller in PDF

"Finite Difference Method solvers in Python - a Framework" by Åsmund Ødegård in PDF-gziped. The software presented in this talk will be made available as an Open Source project in the near future. Information about this will be posted here.


"Zope and ZEO in an eGovernment Service" by Pravir Chawdhry and Nick Bower in PDF (1.14MB)

"Zope User Folders" by Chris Withers in PDF

"CPS: Past, Present, Future (2004)" by Stefane Fermigier in OpenOffice, PDF, Flash

"CPS core concepts: Proxies, Workflows and Events" by Julien Anguenot in OpenOffice, PDF, Flash

"CPS: Schemas, Documents and Directories" by Julien Anguenot in OpenOffice, PDF, Flash

"Advanced Issues in Archetypes" by Andreas Jung in PDF

"CPSSkins: a WYSIWYG theme manager for CMF, CPS and Plone" by Jean-Marc Orliaguet in OpenOffice PDF HTML Flash

"Accelerating Zope applications with Squid and ESI" by Simon Eisenmann in PDF Flash

"Kupu" by Guido Wesdorp and Philipp von Weitershausen PDF OpenOffice

"modzope (lightning talk)" by Philipp von Weitershausen PDF

"union.cms: a new mix (lightning talk)" by Janko Hauser PDF

"Extending Silva" by Benno Luthiger PDF (22 kB). The How-To presented in this speach is available on the infrae website.

"MailManager" by James Henderson and Andrew Veitch in PPT PDF

"Highly available Zope system with Xen and ZEO", open space presentation by Osma Suominen and Kai Hänninen (MB Concert) PDF

Lightning Talks

ftputil - a high-level FTP client library by Stefan Schwarzer

"Calendaring apps should talk to XML databases, not special-purposes servers," by Ken Rimey in PDF (presented Monday at 3pm).

Grok LDAP fast by Tommi Virtanen.

Eunuchs -- Missing manly parts of UNIX API for Python by Tommi Virtanen.

Plone4Artists -- build your own artist community website using Plone by Nate Aune.

Insecticide: The Ultimate Python Debugger by Michael Salib

PowerPlone (live demo) by Jérémy Bobbio (Ingeniweb)

Think Python, run S60 by Michele Marchetti

TalkMistakes - a list of common talk mistakes made during the conference, and tips for improving talks


"Applications with CAPS" by Alex Martelli PDF.


Refereed Papers

"Pyb - Python Build Tool" by Anthony Eden (Power Point, Paper)

Starkiller: A Static Type Inferencer and Compiler for Python by Michael Salib (OpenOffice Presentation, PDF Presentation, Paper PDF)

"Templating Choice" by Olivier Guilloux (HTML Paper, PDF Paper, PDF Slides, OpenOffice Slides)

"An acquisition, search and retrieval system based on Zope/Plone" by Cristian Lucchesi in PDF

"A Virtual File System for Python", by Juan David Ibáñez Palomar in PDF. Note that the corresponding talk was not delivered at the conference.

Social Skills

Attendee Views

Notes and Photos (http://www.thok.org/me/publish/europython/index.html html and pictures) from the non-Zope track, by Mark Eichin.

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