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There is room for arranging sprints both before and after the conference. You can even have sprints in the downstairs cafeteria area during the conference.

BOF Sessions

There are a couple of areas at the conference site that are suitable for BOFs. You can also place a BOF in the Student Union house.



There are many fun things you can do in Göteborg before and after the conference, and they get even more fun if you do them together with other conference participants.


Questions, hints and tips about where to stay, and requests for sharing.

Question: Is it possible to sleep at the university on air mattress and sleeping bag? This would be a nice and cheep alternative for poor students. Furthermore, this could provide a quite nice working atmosphere in the night. Is it possible to get a room for that purpose?

Response: No, it is strictly forbidden to stay overnight in any location within the university. There are nightguards ensuring that this policy is followed.

Attendee presentations

Add a link and create a page about yourself.

Slides & Papers

See EuroPython2004Slides

Feedback, comments and ideas

Add a link and make a page with feedback on how to improve things.

Offers of help

Make a page with offers of helping to improve things.

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