Idea Collection Page for Possible Python Promotion Items

Having cool merchandise is one way to spread the word about Python. We all love a T-shirt with a good idea on it. And a carefully understanded polo shirt works well too. But what else might work?

While the PSF may offer some of these items, the goal is not necessarily to raise funds but to promote the adoption of Python. We prefer items that cast Python in a favorable light over those that are just cute.

T-Shirt Slogans/Graphics

Polo Shirt Logos

Coffee Mugs

A travel mug would be good; I'd buy one. --FredDrake


And what size of poster would you want? Is 11"x14" good enough? The right size is probably dependent on the content. An 11"x14" Zen of Python poster is probably good for cubicle art.


Necklaces and USB Key

Plastic snakes (with a logo?)


* 2 years ago many people were interested in this as PyCon swag

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