Python Advocacy Kit for IT Departments

The intent of this page is to collect ideas on what should be included in such a kit. Elsewhere, we are soliciting flyers and whitepapers which when finished will be used to make up advocacy kits.

Suppose you're a programmer or perhaps a team leader in an IT group who enjoys programming in Python and you would like to persuade your group to adopt Python. What materials would you need to make that happen?

This wiki page is a collection point - we will later relocate, organize with other related content and write abstracts about them so that others can find them more easily.

There is quite a mix of whitepapers above because it isn't possible to guess which tools the business uses and in which industry it operates. But by providing them all in a kit, the inside advocate can select those appropriate to his company.

For active discussion on advocating the use of Python, please join the Advocacy mailing list and visit the Advocacy - Get Involved! site.


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