PSF Sponsorship Bundle Working Group Charter

Purpose & Common Goals

The initial purpose of this workgroup is to pick up where we left off for the International Sponsorship Bundle that we created in early 2015. We want to make it easy for companies like Red Hat and Bank of America to provide "minimal strings attached" funding globally. Sponsors would only engage more directly when they happen to have a local team interested in driving that engagement directly with the conference organizers.

Active Time

This workgroup will be active indefinitely.

Core Values & Internal Governance

The core values for this group are:

The workgroup adopts the PSF Code of Conduct ( Any actions (found by a majority) made against the principles in the Code of Conduct will result in the acting person being removed from the workgroup.

Rules & Guidelines

Decision Making Procedures

Communication Plan

The team will communicate via mailing list - If needed, conference calls or Slack chat meetings will be setup. The workgroup will vote via email and or on Slack chat setup for this WG.


No budget needed at this time.

List of Participants




Support Requirements


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