Cuban Pythonistas WG Charter

Purpose & Common Goals

  1. To help connect Pythonistas in Cuba with the PSF in terms of providing resources and support to User Groups and Events, such as Pycons or PyDays in Cuba, including but not limited to:

    • a. Locating and sending speakers to fledgling conferences
    • b. Giving grants to such activities
    • c. Providing a mailing list or other communication tools useful for organizing
  2. To provide a meeting point point for fellow pythonistas around the World who wish to support and cooperate with the growth of the Cuban Python community.

Active Time

The workgroup will consider disbanding after a few Python-related events in Cuba occur smoothly, with PSF participation and support. Our job will be done then.

Core Values & Internal Governance

The group will abide by the guidelines of the PSF when it comes to advising others as to its stipulations regarding use of trademarks the PSF works to protect.

Rules & Decision Making Procedures

The working group may draw up memoranda of intent conveying plans to provide support which may require PSF Board approval. We will move forward by consensus punctuated by periods of brainstorming and free-wheeling debate.

Communication Plan

The working group takes the form of a mailman listserv within It has a public archive. One joins by approval of the moderator.

List of Participants/Who we are

David Mertz are the moderators. A number of members have joined the mailing list since its initial formation, including some Cubans. One does not need to be a member of the PSF, voting or otherwise, in order to join the working group. We may seek to invite guest subscribers to share expert advice and perspectives.

Support Requirements

Simply a mail-man listserv in the domain with a public archive and a public listing as a Working Group.

It may occur later that the working group makes grant requests to the PSF to support some specific activity, but we do not request any pre-authorized budget to do so on our own.

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