PSF Pydotorg Workgroup Charter

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Purpose & Common Goals

Our main goals will be to help the Python community become more open, to improve our website and membership relations. This will include working on evolving pydotorg to accept membership properly and allow self certifications and working on making the pygotorg website community oriented and easily navigated.

Active Time

This workgroup will exist indefinitely. Subsections of the workgroup finish as they are complete, but work on pydotorg will continue.

Core Values & Internal Governance

The pydotorg WG will adhere to the PSF's Code of Conduct.

Our core values are:

Rules & Decision Making Procedures

Our decision making processes will be that ideas and implementations will be proposed to the group and changes will be decided by a majority rule. All changes with have to follow Delaware and US law.

Communication Plan

The team will communicate via our mailing list and also during our weekly/bi-weekly phone meetings with the vendors.

List of Participants/Who we are



Support Requirements

We are currently working to figure out what budget will be needed.

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