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[Bernard and Pradyun spoke on Feb 6 and Feb 7 to give Bernard an understanding of pip's architecture.]

Feb 6th

Pradyun/Bernard discussion, 6 Feb 2020

Which side of we want to start from? User-facing or broader architecture

At a reasonably high level, what are the moving parts of pip?

Software architecture:

The different parts of pip:

Chunks of work (

knowing what the key func is

figuring out if the way we printout of the output is useful

making the info message look less like error message to the users

making the error messages more helpful

give them tools to debug the problem

there is a tradeoff here - more error messages, the more complexity you add to the codebase. every detailed message needs to add code and this adds complexity to the codebase

which switches are useful? which are not?

How possible is it for us to map all the pip command journeys' flows? Essentially

Look at how long this is: (complexity in pip's options)

Feb 7th

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