PSF Workgroup Charter Example

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Each workgroup has to present a charter to help establish a collaborative environment. Below is an outline of what each charter must include. Please place your charter on the PSF wiki, so that it can be edited by your team since we ask to keep a current list of participants. The workgroup should have at least the charter page listed in the workgroup section on the Contents page. You can use this page as template for the charter page (removing this intro text and filling in the sections below). See the PSF Bylaws WG wiki page for an example on how to setup a basic workgroup wiki page and charter.

Purpose & Common Goals

State what the mission of the group is. List all (if any) common goals that will be shared amongst the workgroup.

Active Time

How long will this workgroup exist? If the mission is not complete by the stated time, is it extendable? Is so, for how long?

Core Values & Internal Governance

List the core values that the workgroup will adhere to throughout its existence. Will the workgroup adopt any statements? If so, which statement?

Rules & Decision Making Procedures

Give a comprehensive explanation of how the decision making will work within the workgroup and list the rules that accompany these procedures.

Communication Plan

How will the team communicate? How often will the team communicate?

List of Participants/Who we are

Who is the moderator of the group? Who are the participants of the group? Please list names and emails.

Support Requirements

What resources will you need from the PSF in order to have a functional and effective workgroup?

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