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  * The workgroup will vote on new standards and will require a quorum of two-thirds of the voting members for approval of motions / content.   * The workgroup will vote on new standards and will require half of all voting members plus one to be present for quorum and new motions will require approval of half of all voting members plus one.
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 * Reshama Shaikh
 * Mercedes Wyss

PSF Code of Conduct Workgroup Charter

Purpose & Common Goals

The workgroup's purpose is to foster a diverse and inclusive Python community by enforcing the PSF code of conduct, along with providing guidance and recommendations to the Python community on codes of conduct, that supports the PSF mission of “ongoing development of Python-related technology and educational resources”.

We work toward this common goal in three ways:

  1. Review, revise, and advise on policies relating to the PSF code of conducts and other communities that the PSF supports. This includes any #python chat community & python.org email list under PSF jurisdiction.

  2. Create a standard set of codes of conduct and supporting documents for multiple channels of interaction such as, but not limited to, conferences, mailing lists, slack/IRC, code repositories, and more.
  3. Develop training materials and other processes to support Python community organizers in implementing and enforcing the code of conduct.

Active Time

It will continue to exist as long as the workgroup and the PSF Board determines it is needed.

Core Values

The core values for this group are:

  • Respect
  • Support
  • Constructiveness
  • Integrity

The workgroup adopts the PSF Code of Conduct (https://www.python.org/psf/codeofconduct/). Any actions made against the principles in the Code of Conduct (found by a simple majority of 51%+) will result in the acting person being removed from the workgroup.


  • Code of Conduct Workgroup voting members are required to confirm continuing participating in the workgroup within one month of a new board election. This will be led by chair/vice-chairs. If there is no response within two weeks, then the individual is automatically removed.
  • A member of the Code of Conduct Workgroup, can step down at anytime, and the workgroup will work to replace that voting member.
  • Folks that would like to join the Code of Conduct Work Group should send an email to the WG (conduct-wg@python.org) introducing themselves. The WG will vote on new member requests verbally at their every meetings.

Rules & Guidelines

* "The Code of Conduct Workgroup will strive to include and understand a diverse group of perspectives as it implements its mission

  • The workgroup reserves the right to consult with outside experts.
  • The Code of Conduct Workgroup will submit a monthly report to the PSF board of directors.

Decision Making Procedures

  • Discussions will happen via phone, video chat, or mailing list.
  • With respect to new code of conduct standards and policy recommendations:
    • The workgroup may solicit feedback on proposed drafts.
    • The workgroup will consider outside input, edit the document, then vote for final approval.
    • The workgroup will vote on new standards and will require half of all voting members plus one to be present for quorum and new motions will require approval of half of all voting members plus one.

Communication Plan

The team will communicate via the conduct@python.org mailing list. If needed, conference calls may be set up. The method of voting on projects and proposals will be determined by the workgroup. Preferred method of voting will be electronically (email or chat) and the vote results will be reported via email to the board in the monthly report.

We will attempt to limit information shared about specific instances. Our priority is ensuring community members' safety, but we protect individuals' privacy to the greatest extent possible. Calls and face-to-face meetings are preferred for discussions of specific incidence.



List of Participants/Who we are

Chair: Philip James


  • Philip James
  • Brett Cannon
  • Rami Chowdhury
  • Trey Hunner
  • Lorena Mesa
  • Carol Willing
  • Jeff Triplett
  • Tereza Iofciu

Board members (non-voting):

  • Ewa Jodlowska

Support Requirements

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