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Part of the effort to have better community relations, the Python Software Foundation attempts to have a present in international conferences. Our goal is to have the Director of Operations or a Board Director attend four international Python conferences throughout the year.

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Below are reports from the PSF representatives that attended a Python Conference.

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Python Brasil

Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais- Brazil

Date: 6 to 11 September 2017

PSF Representative Present: Paola Katherine

Report from Paola Katherine

Python Brasil happened in 6 days.

6,7,8 - Talks

9,10 - workshops/ 9-Django Girls

11 - Sprint

I attended all three days of the conference and 1 day tutorial, where I was organizing Django Girls.

Django Girls went along with the tutorials and had 49 participants and 19 coaches. Being 100% female participants and 80% of women coaches.

The tutorials and Sprint happened at a university located in the city center.

The main conference was in a hotel, very well organized, had 572 participants.

The conference location was good, close to shopping, which facilitated for lunch.

The Brazilian community is quite big and in my keynote I talked a little about the PSF and doubts arose. Some of them like the PSF earn money, like helping PSF, how to join, among others.

There was a vote for the new board of the Python Association Brazil. I believe that with this new board there is a greater connection between the PSF and Brazil.

One final note - I believe that many have changed their thinking regarding PSF, I saw that many think in one day if you plan to go to a PyCon US, but is somewhat impractical because it is quite expensive. I saw a national movement for a PyCon Latam, there was much acceptance. I saw that future may have a Pyladies Conf in Brazil.

PyCon ES

Location: Cáceres, Spain

Dates: Sept 22 - 24, 2017

PSF Representative Present: Naomi Ceder

Report from Naomi Ceder

I attended all three days of the conference, actually traveling to and from London with the lead conference organizer, Mario Corchero. The first day (Friday) was a combination of Django Girls and tutorials, and I attended and spoke at the Django Girls event, which had 45 attendees, from teenaged to 50's, and was well organized and successful.

The main conference was in a beautiful 15th century convent that had been converted into a meeting space. It was well organized and had about 450 attendees. In particular they had come to PyCon US this year and they deliberately followed the notion of having a green room, session chairs, and session runners, and the organizers and the speakers I talked to thought that was a big improvement in keeping the conference flowing. Overall I was quite impressed with the vibrance and activity of the Spanish Python community.

I was quite impressed by the size and level of organization at PyConEs. They had good sponsorship support (many of the organizers work in Bloomberg London, so Bloomberg was a key sponsor) and they had put a lot of thought, time and effort into making the event a success.

One final note - they were quite appreciative of the PSF's support (including sending someone, but also the sponsorship) and they gave the PSF one of their yearly Most Valuable Pythonista awards at the closing ceremony (I accepted on behalf of the PSF). They also wanted to donate a portion of their profits to the PSF. I did tell them that we would be just as happy if any profits were used as seed money for the next conference (which will be held in Málaga), but they were quite keen to make a donation in appreciation.

PyCon Nigeria 2017

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Dates: September 15-16, 2017

PSF: Marlene Mhangami

Report from Marlene Mhangami

This was the very first PyCon held in Nigeria. Its interesting to note that the organizers of the event were inspired to start their own PyCon after attending PyCon Namibia (I felt that this was a testament to the benefits of collaboration amongst various African countries as a way to see long term growth.) The event was very well organized with over 100 people in attendance and a good amount of sponsorship most notably from a range of local companies.

A large number of the attendees present were students and I was happy to see some girls from the junior schools (9-11 years old) who had attended Django girls events not only just attend but speak! The Nigerian Python community was very responsiveand after my keynote speech titled 'the growth of the Python in Africa' I had many questions on how people could participate more in the PSF and the help with growth of Python.

I was able to meet with Aaron Yankey to start discussions about preps for a PyCon Ghanga 2017. I was also thrilled to meet a young lady named Karima who had lived in Egypt for some time and had actually been introduced to Python there! Karima mentioned that there were several companies in Egypt using the language, and that at the university she had attended they taught a course in it. She did however mentioned that the community there had know idea the PSF existed because none of the information on the website is in Arabic. I have been in contact with Karima post-confrenece and we are discussing ways to encourage community events there in the coming months.

Overall the conference was very well run and I enjoyed it very much. The talks were on a wide range of topics with an emphasis on creating projects that benefit the community (for example better and inexpensive ways to monitor diabetes, starting open source projects in Africa, and using code to benefit girls in impoverished areas.) A very vibrant and engaged community!

EuroPython 2017

Location: Rimini, Italy

Dates: July 9-14, 2017

PSF Representative: Ewa Jodlowska

Report from Ewa Jodlowska.

PyCon CZ

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Dates: June 8 - 10, 2017

PSF Representative Present: Naomi Ceder

Report from Naomi Ceder

Due to issues requiring a change of venue, the conference had to ajdust its schedule about a month before the conference. I was only able to attend the second day of the conference and part of the sprint day.

Attendance was good, in the area of 300, and the conference seemed to have a reasonable amount of sponsorship. This was a very relaxed, but still well run conference. I gave a keynote on some of the issues facing the Python community going forward, both in terms of community and technically.


PyCon Jamaica

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Web: PyCon Jamaica

Dates: November 17 - 18, 2016

PSF Representative present: Lorena Mesa

Report from Lorena Mesa

Attendance was 60+. Attendees were blend of professionals from the community and students. While the number of women at the conference wasn't too sizable, of the 7 speakers 2 were women (I being one of the speakers).

November 17th were tutorials, including a an Introduction to Python 3 which I taught that had 15 attendees many of whom were undergraduates at the University of the West Indies where the tutorials were held. From what I was told, the UWI computer science program doesn't teach Python but Pascal however there is a growing interest to teach Python at the university. Conference chair David Bain runs a Python web consultancy in Jamaica and has commented on the growing interest in Python amongst undergraduates at both technical programs in Kingston. Other topics include Intro to Plone and Intro to Big Data Analytics with Python and Apache.

At the closing of tutorials were lightning talks wherein I did an introduction to the PSF for tutorial attendees.

November 18th was the main conference day. There wasn't a designated job hall as the conference was a single track event in one room at the Hope Zoo in Kingston. I represented the PSF in the conference venue, setting up right by registration to answer questions about PSF. Many were curious about how they could reach out to leverage the PSF's resources to help build a broader community in Kingston. Not many knew of the PSF.

While I didn't hold a formal PSF meeting for the conference, as the schedule didn't permit time for it, several attendees were interested in learning more about the PSF after the fact. I've already been in email communication with a few.

As a first year conference I think the turnout, while somewhat modest, included some of the most passionate organizers I've met. The attendees include an interesting swath of professionals using Python in the public sector (e.g. web consultancies, mechanical engineers), students, and those in government advocating for Python's use. I think next year it could be worthwhile to try to promote a Python & education track at the conference as there appeared to be a strong interest in teaching Python at the local universities.

Python Brasil[12]

Location: Florianopolis, S.C. Brazil

Dates: October 13-18, 2016

PSF Representative present: Naomi Ceder

PSF Members: Luciano Ramalho, Bruno Rocha, Fernando Masanori

Report from Naomi Ceder

Attendance was just a touch over 500 for the main conference. Somewhere around 30-40% of the presenters were women, which seemed to get great support. I'd guess that the percentage of female attendees was about half that.

October 13-14 were tutorials, including a PyLadies tutorial for some 30 women of whom only 2 had ever done any coding, and Django Girls with 50 women. I arrived late in the afternoon of Oct 13, and attended the social events that evening and the DjangoGirls and social events the next day.

October 15-17 were the main conference days. We didn't set up booth space, but instead we planned a PSF introductory meeting. What I learned in talking to people is that very few had any idea of how membership in the PSF worked.

The morning of October 16 I gave a keynote on diversity. The talk went well and sparked a lot of discussion at the conference and a lot of interaction with me. I also gave a morning lightning talk very briefly outlining the PSF and advertising a special PSF introductory meeting later that afternoon.

The afternoon PSF meeting was attended by 50-70 people. I outlined the main functions of the PSF very briefly and explained the membership model and the grants process. One of the attendees set up his laptop as a sign-up station and I think we had 30 (or possibly more) people sign up as basic PSF members, and I encouraged at least 15 to self-certify as voting members. At this meeting I distributed the bulk of stickers I had, both the Python3 and PSF stickers as well as the little PSF Member stickers I got from MAL at EuroPython. Stickers were definitely an effective incentive.

Oct 18 was the sprint day - I had to leave the evening of the 17th, but from social media shares it looked like they had a good turn out, sprinting on the PyLadies web site, BeeWare, and other projects.

It was a well run conference, and one of the most pleasant and fun conferences I've been to.


PyBay 2016

Location: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA

Dates: August 19-21, 2016

PSF Representatives present: Betsy Waliszewski, Carol Willing

Report from Betsy Waliszewski

Report from Carol Willing

PyCon APAC 2016

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Dates: August 13-15, 2016

PSF Representatives present: Ewa Jodlowska, Younggun Kim, lvh, Don Sheu

Top tweets from the event:

Ewa's slides shown at the PSF booth:

Report from Ewa Jodlowska

August 13, 2016

August 14, 2016

August 15, 2016

Europython 2016

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Dates: July 16-24, 2016

PSF Representatives present: Naomi Ceder, Lorena Mesa, Ruben Orduz

Report from Naomi Ceder

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