PSF Communication Chair Processes

Sending minutes and blog posts to members

The meeting minutes from a board meeting are made public approximately 2 weeks after the meeting. One of the communication chairs could send a message to the psf-community & psf-board-public lists, letting our membership know when new meeting minutes are made public. And also point to any new blog posts, etc.

Here's an example:

And more examples can be found here:

Sending blog post ideas to blog team

Historically this is the communication chairs' role. Once they see a good report come through that has a lot of substance for a blog, the report is passed onto the blog team. The blog team has their own mailing list. It is a good idea for chairs to join this list and to introduce themselves to the blog writers. If any director would like to write a blog from time to time, they are welcome to! We can set them up on blogger to post.

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