Call for PSF Logos


This is an intro adapted from the initial email sent to the members list and the follow-ups to the email.

Dear members,

the board is looking for volunteers to draw up logos that we would like to make available to supporters and members of the PSF.

If anyone feels inspired, please step forward :-)

Here's the list of logos we'd need from the lowest support level to the highest:

We also need a logo for the PSF itself:

For Python 2 and 3 marketing, logos to identify whether a software works with one or both of these version would be great as well:

I also think we should consider creating a logo for Python 3, that doesn't use the Flux Regular digit 3 (which looks a bit strange):

Ideally, all these logos should be provided in both a wide and tall variant (like the "Python powered" logos we have on the website):

Another often requested logo use is that of an icon for mobile phone apps. Ideally, we should have a standard for these, e.g. a square format version with one line of text below the Python logo:

Since we (the trademark committee) often get requests for use of modified logos for black or dark backgrounds, it would be great if we could have the logos for dark backgrounds as well, including a variant of the standard Python logo with dark background:

To summarize the variants:

Submissions would have to be licensed to the PSF with option to relicense, i.e. basically the submitters would have to sign a contributor agreement. There may be additional legal requirement - we'd have to check with Van about these.

Quite a list indeed, but that's what's needed if the logos are to be used widely and matches the logo pages of other projects such as Mozilla or Plone:

If you need the font files, we can send them to you for the purpose of using them in the logo.

Thanks, -- Marc-Andre Lemburg


Please add a new subsection with your name and upload the logos as attachments.

David Goodger

See the Logo page for his creations.

Stephen Hawkes

John Pinner has received these from Stephen. here is the general idea:

""" The community is made up of its component members (from what I can remember from EuroPython) so we've taken that concept and visualised it to form the badges.

We wanted to convey the different levels of membership, with each feeling equally pythonic.

To that end we've come up with a rather simple mark for the PSF main logo. simple typography with the introduction of the community grid symbol to the right.

Members would be represented with different variations with more or less of the pythons being visible. (The PSF logo could be animated as a sequence of these levels finishing with a fade to the blue grid.) We've laid out sample badges, with vertical and horizontal variations.

We have a ton of design rationalisation info on how we arrived at this concept, but often it's best to let the work speak for itself. """

The Phuse

Proposals by Erik Evensen <>:

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