Marketing the PSF

We need to create more and more stable streams of revenue for the PSF. This page is intended to collect ideas of how to achieve that and is meant to be a guideline for a new marketing committee.

Some of the following ideas can be bundled, even if they target different groups. In the first step, we'd need to identify possible activities. In the second step, we'd need to look into taking those ideas and turning them into an action plan.

Attracting sponsor members

With the sponsor memberships, we're targeting companies, not so much individuals, so the options have to be attractive for companies

Adding benefits to the PSF sponsorship levels

Given the slow development of the PSF sponsorship signups, I think we have to start making PSF sponsorships more attractive for companies and add benefits to the packages that go a bit in the direction of advertisements, but without sacrificing quality or focus.

Ideas for sponsorship benefits:

I guess all of those deserve some discussion on their merits. I just collected a few ideas that come to mind to have something to work with for assigning benefits to sponsorship levels.

Sponsorship Levels

Suggestion 1 by Lynn Root

Maintain current scheme, added "Premier" level, and suggested employee size for Premier level:

Suggestion 2 by Lynn Root

Rename levels entirely mimicking other foundations (see research here)

Suggestion 3

Use industry standard sponsorship level names:

See the Google search for "diamond sponsorship level" as reference.

Notes regarding levels

Conference sponsorship bundles

See the separate Board/ConferenceSponsorshipBundles page for ideas around this topic.

Working with fund raisers

We sometimes get larger donations from fund raisers. If possible, we should try to build closer relationships with these.

Attracting donors

Donations are most often being made by individuals, so the options have to be attractive for individual donors. Most of our donors currently spend between 50-200 USD per donation.

Marketing tools


Pat has some merchandise in storage, but we probably should consider creating more as giveaways or for sale at conferences, as well as for sponsors, donors, members and AMs. The marketing committee would likely take care of the designs and I could see Pat managing the production and distribution.

Production probably needs to be done by region to reduce shipping costs.

Possible merchandise:

Online marketing

The Python community is best reached by using online tools. The marketing committee should investigate different forms of online marketing such as:

Brochures and flyers

Reaching out to other targets, esp. ones that require direct interaction with people, will require printed marketing material.

There already is a PSF Python Brochure project underway to create a professional quality marketing brochure for Python. We could create specialized variants for specific target markets using the same concept, e.g. for the educational sector or the industry and research sectors.

Flyers provide a great way form of pro-active "note-keeping" - people don't have to take notes, they simply get them in a nicely consumable format, which increases chances of follow-ups.

PSF activities that would benefit from marketing input

Press and PR

We need press contacts for different regions and should also think about creating press kits, restart doing press releases for e.g. new Python releases, important grants, etc.

The only activity in this area is the PSF blog, which is great for spreading the word in the community, but probably doesn't reach the desks of newspaper or magazine editors.

Highlighting the work of PSF Directors (especially our keynote presentations at various events), as well as working with other institutions on the community/corporate boundary (e.g., Linux Weekly News) may also be worthwhile.


The PSF should get in touch with the political world and governments to get Python more integrated into the educational landscape. Projects like OLPC and RaspberryPi are examples of where others have already helped the PSF a lot.

In order to reach out to these targets, we will need specialized marketing material to help those efforts.

We also don't need to do this alone. The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the "Raspberry Pi for Learning" program within UNICEF, and the Australian National Computer Science School are well advanced in this area - leveraging their efforts, and bringing them to a wider audience could be valuable.

Fund raising

Actively look for getting grants from governments, (large) charities and companies. Investigate and seek collaboration opportunities with professional fund raisers.

We should probably also see whether targeted fund raising would work in the Python community, e.g. to raise money for a new website (things that a lot of people would find useful).

Such campaigns need (mostly online) marketing support.

Revenue generation

We could start selling regularly updated CDs with Python Windows installations/Linux VMs and books/ebooks with the Python documentation on Amazon or other similar shops to easily create more income for the PSF.

The needed book covers and CD sleeves could be done by the marketing committee.

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