Steve Steiner (ssteinerX)

I use ssteinerX because ssteiner was taken in several places at which I tried to register. Just thought I'd clear that up.

I'm a senior software developer with 30 years experience on projects ranging from small company accounting database applications to nuclear submarine guidance systems.

My recent projects are primarily Python based client/server applications, with cloud deployment, in support of my company's SEO work.

These applications are written in Python 2.x, using Django, Twisted, YUI, JQuery, MySQL, and mostly served with Apache/mod_wsgi/mod_python.

I have great interest in improving Python, especially in the areas of package installation and testing but, unfortunately, very little spare time in which to contribute.

I am working on finding an opportunity to work full-time in Python with some of that time devoted to contributing back to Python itself.

Email: <ssteinerX AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>



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