Éric Araujo

Email: merwok@netwok.org

Nickname: merwok

I deeply enjoy programming with Python. My particular interests are the Web, XMPP, i18n, command-line interfaces, modular programs, GTK applications and Mercurial. I like discovering elegant solutions and helping people.

Thanks to the Google Summer of Code 2010, I have been able to give back to the Python community by hacking on distutils2. Working with four other students, Tarek and the other mentors was an incredible learning and coding experience. I have push rights to the main repository, so I can pull work from other contributors and make them feel warm and fuzzy. Just before the end of GSoC, I was made a Python core developer to help fixing bugs in distutils, until the new generation is ready.

I have reviewed a great number of distutils bug and intend to close all of them. I have also started a round of updating wiki pages about distutils and distutils2 (to be finished). I like to work on the Python documentation and miscellaneous bugs or features too.

There are a lot of other projects I’m interested in without enough time to contribute. I have some changesets in Gajim, my IM client, I follow Mercurial from afar, and I report bugs to Debian, my favorite operating system. I have a number of pet projects, some merely a name and a one-line description, which I hope to write one day!

In real life, I work at a video game company in Montreal. I support diversity. I like cycling and climbing.


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