eric is a full featured Python IDE that is written in PyQt using the QScintilla editor widget.

eric's homepage is at

For information on PyQt and QScintilla see

The following is a partial list of eric's features:

Working with eric3 is mostly intuitive but sometimes doubts come out. Below is a list of questions asked to the author and his answers:

Q. Is it possible to save open files (also not from project) list during project save?

A. "Project save " saves the project file. To save an open file use one of the save actions/menu entries.

Q. What are Project::Load/Save Session options for?

A. A session file contains information about the last debug/run action, about breakpoint, open editors ... This info is saved with the save session action and loaded with the load session action. In the configuration dialog you may enable automatic session loading, which loads a saved session upon opening a project.


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