Rough Notes on a Possible Website for buildout ( )


  • to give buildout a more professional face on the web
  • to raise the awareness of the buildout tool within the Python community
  • to improve and aggregate the documentation in a more friendly form
  • to provide a one-stop resource for learning about buildout recipes

Site Outline:

  • what is it, in a nutshell?

  • list of features

  • list of recipes

  • success stories

  • status box re version and stability

  • how-to installation
    • easy_install zc.buildout
  • resources
    • manual(s)
    • screencasts that teach usage
    • mailing lists
    • IRC hangout
    • a wiki? or use
    • ptr to issue tracker
    • ptr to the buildout subversion repository
    • set of tutorial stories re specific recipes and situations


  • host it on a community machine, perhaps where Zope Foundation is now
  • base it on a Zope 3 site installation
  • rely upon contributed documents written in reStructuredText

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