Let's build a cool app for Zope 3!

Last year, I participated in the Zope3 Development Sprint. While it was extremely valuable to me as a learning experience, I didn't feel I was contributing very much to the development of Zope3.

This year, I'd like to collaborate on building a new and cool application with Zope3. I don't intend this to be a Zope3 tutorial (though I expect most participants will learn a lot).


If you don't sign up, you can still come and participate. The sign up is to give us an idea who will be there.


Saturday, March 19

Ideas for what app to build

Write your suggestions here, and add your name to vote on the ones you like.

Ideally, the app should be one we can credibly complete in four days time, with a small but focused feature set and a reasonable amount of polish.


Good question. I think some experience with Zope and Python would be a minimal reqirement, though we'll also have non-coding tasks like graphic design. Zope3 specific experience or having worked through the Zope3 tutorial would be ideal, but any familiarity with the rest of the material available would be welcome.


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